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Something’s not right

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

How are you going?

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

hi @Darcy, im ok, i had a bad day yesterday, my anxiety got so bad it had physical impacts that kept me on bed for most of the day, anxiety and depression is so exhausting, im not sleeping and strugging with random panic attacks.


my partner is going ok, she has a lot of pressure and stress, so i am supporting her as best i can, she is a wonderful support for me too Smiley Happy


how are you @Darcy? how are things going for you?

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Relatively steady here @Jacques thanks.

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Checking in @Jacques

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Hello @Jacques Hope you are alright?



Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Hi @Darcy and @Appleblossom, thank you for thinking of me, my partner is back in the MHU, she is not doing well, over the past week I have worked hard to keep her safe, she is in for 3 weeks, it is so heartbreaking seeing her in there again, but if it keeps her safe I guess it is worth it.


I hope you are both going well, I'm not sleeping much these days, I'm exhausted all the time. I am trying to care for myself. Just taking each day as it comes. 

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

thinking of you my friend @Jacques , sending you lots of hugs HeartHeart

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Caring for a loved person in crisis IS HARD WORK.  @Jacques 

I hope you have a few other things in your life to sustain you. 

Are you reading much?  Do you have a philosophy or thinker that you are interested in?

Sleep is another tough one.  

I am up and down at the moment, but still steady if that makes sense .. lol


Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Sorry to hear this @Jacques  does photography help quiet your mind? 

Re: Supporting a partner in a crisis

Hi @Appleblossom and @Darcy yes it is very hard work, but when you love someone enough you never give up on them, she is such an important part of my life.


No I don't read too often, I would love to, but I struggle to concentrate long enough to read a few pages.


I have read books by Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl marks, and Stephen hawking.


I have read others. But these three stand out. Some of there writings I agree with, some I don't. 


Sleep is something I'm so scared of now, I know as soon as I lay down I'm going to get a panic attack, sometimes, well most of the time it is self serving panic attacks, nights are so so long when you go days without sleep. 


I do enjoy photography and I do some still, mainly of birds and farm animals @Darcy, nature and wildlife bring me such joy, I struggle so much with people, it is nice to have wild animals walk up to me without fear. It feels special. 


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