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Looking after ourselves

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Hi @Adge@Darcy


Oh - yes - the gardening mojo - I have a brown elbow - my daughter inherited the gardening mojo from her Dad and my family - I don't know what happened to me - just not into it - and I have tried 


Actually I have herbs and salad growing in pots in my back courtyard - they have reseeded and keep going from year to year because I don't scratch around in the pots - just pull some weeds - my daughter set the seedlings in some cases years ago and they just keep coming back - she has the green and magic fingers and the mojo


I love the vegies I grow for myself - or rather - my daughter starts for me



Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

I was overwhelmed by grief of Mr D's attempt and subsequent surgeries @Adge when I lost my gardening mojo. Found myself pulling some weeds today after spotting some lilium and gladdies poking through and felt the need to liberate them. I have a feeling that it is somehow inextricably linked to some deeper emotions that I am not yet able to open myself up to. 

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Great suggestions, thank you. So important to recognise when we need some time out. I am getting better at doing it and recognising how draining the emotional rollercoaster can be. Feeling more comfortable acknowleding that.




Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Hi and welcome to the forums @Charlie16 .... 👋

I am falliing sleep here, so I need to go looking for my bed.

Take care.

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Hello All, 

In the moment, stepping outside and grounding, to remember to bring myself back to presence by identifying the thought pattern within Schema Psych therapy. Critical Parent, vulnerable child or healthy adult. I would advise research on the topic or discussion with a therapist who can facilitate assist with the techniques. 

Still at the beginning of learning this, mainly centered around negative self talk. Outside influences of stress can be different but its ultimately identifying how we are discussing it within ourselves at the time that can assist us to calm down. 

Will write more as I'm continuously learning emotional regulation and techniques. I'd like to add I'm on heavy sedatives and needed them after 2 hospitalizations in 1 year due to suicide ideation. 

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Hi @Amberlulu and welcome to the forums .....

Thanks for your input on this thread, and it sure sounds like you’ve been going through a rough time of it ..... hopefully finding an outlet here will really help.  It certainly has for me in my family situation.  Can talk about things that are difficult to find an outlet for elsewhere.


How are you going @Charlie16 ?



Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Hello@Amberlulu @Charlie16

I also found a similar structural approach essential for survival ... transactional analysis.

Smiley Happy

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed


feeling overwhelmed .....

i make sure I’ve had my meds for mood stabilising

wAtch a DVD on Netflix

or meditate guided meditation

listen to Bob Dylan  

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Re: what to do when feeling Overwhelmed

Great post for sifting through priorities. @Shaz51

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